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Carara is a unique transitional tropical jungle that harbors distinct flora and fauna from dry and rain forest. Among the wildlife you are likely to see include white-face capuchin monkeys and scarlet macaws, which migrate daily from the interior of the dense forest canopy to the mangroves near the mouth of the Tarcoles where they tend to perch. If the colorful streaks in the sky left by the macaws aren’t alluring enough, birders will enjoy toucans, parrots, aracaris, kingfishers and herons, which flourish in the coastal mangroves. This park has a short (0.6 mile) friendly trail made of permeable concrete, and provides easy access for disabled and elderly visitors, with special ramps, wooden sculptures for visually impaired visitors to touch and nine multimedia stations with information about the park.  The Tarcoles River, which borders the park and flows into the Pacific Ocean, is an amazing place to witness the American crocodile close up. Recommendations: comfortable shoes, bugspray, sunscreen and plenty water.