Community Outreach

Costa Rica Drivers support several education, animal welfare, and conservation projects all over Costa Rica, as part of the spirit of solidarity that we promote.

The projects include public schools and libraries in under privileged communities, anti-poaching projects, and animal conservation projects in locations nearby the major touristy places.

By bringing with you some of the supplies on the requested needs list bellow, you will have a Big Impact on the community you visit on the way to your holiday destination.

These school supplies include writing utensils, notebooks, and other basic classroom supplies as crayons, colored pencils, stickers, erasers, glue and glue sticks, white board markers, highlighter markers, tape, rulers, paper clips, pencils, pencil sharpeners, pens, scissors, staples, compasses, etc.

Also, you can bring such items as English or Spanish picture books/workbooks for younger children, educational toys and board games, Spanish-English Dictionaries and language flashcards.

Regarding animal welfare, dogs sanctuary ( Territorio de Zaguates ) and other conservation programs supplies, these basic things could be highly valuable: latex gloves, highlight tape, rechargeable batteries, rite-in-the-rain notebooks, sharpie markers, assorted binder clips, and rubber bands.