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Barra Honda is a 1500 ft high, nearly flat mesa looming 984 ft. above the Tempisque valley. It mainly consists of coral reef aging over 60 million years. Tectonic faulting has uplifted the area from the seabed and rains created underground waterways. Plunging deep into the earth (in some places as far as 787 ft.), the limestone caves at Barra Honda glisten with stalagmites and stalactites, and offer up a wonderful place for adventurous underground exploration. Descending into caves, you’ll hear the sound of water dripping against rocks and see the twisted, ghost-like formations of hardened calcium all around you. This tour implies a short hike through the park’s dry tropical forest before heading underground for an hour. As you walk through the forest, you may be able to spot coatis, agoutis, anteaters, and monkeys.  Duration Approx: 9 hours.  Minimum 4 people. The minimum age is 10 years old.

Includes: Transportation from Carrillo & Samara hotels, guide, entrance fee, equipment, lunch and drinks.

What to bring: hiking shoes, comfortable clothes (long pants recommended) sun block, binoculars, bug spray.

Notice:  This tour is not recommended for people who are claustrophobic or afraid of the dark.

Price $110 per person and $88 for kids younger than 11 years old.