Flying in and out from Liberia Airport (LIR)

This itinerary packs a lot into a 10 days-long vacation. This route takes you to 4 of the most celebrated tourist destinations in Costa Rica: a couple of the most stunning beaches of Nicoya Peninsula, magical Monteverde, and the fascinated Arenal Volcano. You can explore and enjoy tropical nature, experience a few high-adrenaline adventures, indulge yourself in our warm waters, and take in some beach time too.

Day 1: Arrival in Liberia and stay overnight at Tamarindo Beach, the most developed and accessible town on the North Pacific West coast featuring unspoiled beaches and incredible biodiversity.

Day 2: You could either enjoy a relaxation day in the most exquisite beaches of North Pacific coast, or take a day trip Horseback riding on dirt roads through hills, forests, pastures, rivers. Then you’ll switch to modern ATV to discover the best routes in countryside that you never thought you’d see from the beautiful tropical dry forest to the altitudes of the mountains surrounded by panoramic views of striking coastline.

Day 3: From Tamarindo Beach to Arenal Volcano, on the Northern plains. Rising above the rainforest that surrounds its base, this perfect cone shaped and inactive volcano frames the skyline with impeccable symmetry. On the way we will stop in the acclaimed Llanos del Cortéz Waterfalls and a Wildlife Rescue Center that provides a temporary home for wild cats and other animals that have been injured, orphaned, or confiscated in the illegal pet trade.

Day 4: Day trip on a shared transport around Arenal Volcano which immediate area hosts a wealth of activities. You could be pleased with either a Whitewater Rafting, Canoe Floating safari, Rio Celeste Rainforest Hike, and Caño Negro Wildlife Trip.

Day 5: From Arenal Volcano to Monteverde Cloud Forest via Van-Boat-Van across Arenal Lake, witnessing the dramatic changes from low-land rain forest to high-land misty forest locations, and saving 5 hours of driving around the lake. A night stroll in this mystical forest could be organized upon arrival (optional $25 per person).

Day 6: Day trip to visit Monteverde Cloud Forest Adventure Park. A shared shuttle offers transfers for this adrenaline combo: the highest Suspension Bridges over the forest canopy, an amazing Aerial Tram to reach the highest point of this mist forest to start descending in the safest and most thrilling Zip Lining in the country

Day 7: Travel from Monteverde Mountains to Samara, one of the prettiest and safest beaches in all of Costa Rica, radiating wonderful clear sand in contrast to the aquamarine water of its bay surrounded by tropical plant life along 3-mile coastline.

Day 8: Day trip through scenic countryside to Palo Verde National Park where you will delight cruise down the Tempisque River. Best known for its murky water and spectacular wetlands, this area acts as a sanctuary for both resident and migrating marine bird species, as well monkeys, iguanas, scarlet macaws, and crocodiles, which can often be seen lingering along the banks of the river. Later on there is a visit to the Guaitil indigenous village, where some of the country’s most spectacular pottery is made using ancient technics and materials to fancy replicas of prehispanic masterpieces.

Day 9: Leisure day in Samara and Carrillo beaches. If you are staying is during the rainy season (May through November), you could experience the exhilarating natural phenomenon of sea turtles nesting at Costa Rica’s north Pacific coast. According to moon phases, every month ancient sea turtles return to the beach where they were born to lay hundreds of eggs beneath the sand under the night mantel.

Day 10: Depart from Liberia Airport.