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From 8 am until 5 pm we offer a private driver for US$160 to visit these 3 suggested attractions in the area of the Arenal Volcano, as there are long distances between a wide array of activities in this area. Entrance fees are not included as you could choose where to go to enjoy your day on your own convenience.

Old Lava Trail

This trail leaves the Observatory Lodge and drops down to the Agua Caliente (Hot Water) river. Beyond there, the trail is out of bounds because it used to pass through a high-risk zone to reach the foot of Arenal volcano. During this walk, you will see how plants have recolonized, and with luck, you should spot some howler monkeys. The trails is quite challenging because of the uneven ground and takes about 40 minutes there and back. Price $7.00 per person

Don Juan Organic Farm & Cultural Tour

While learning about strategic system incorporates the natural ecosystem with agriculture, you’ll see more than 50 different crops are cultivated manually with organic techniques. In this eco-farm:  dairy cows, pigs, hens, and tilapia are used as sources of food, fertilizer, and methane gas production. Visitors have the opportunity to taste tropical crops and discover organic cultivation methods and further enjoy a traditional Costa Rican meal with produce from the farm and made on a wood stove in our open-air dining room that borders the forest and river.

Price $35.00 per person and $25 per kids (under 13 years)

Danaus Wildlife Reseve

During 1 hour 30 minutes bilingual naturalists local guides with extensive knowledge in natural and cultural history will take you to a trail of 660 yards through the most outstanding species of plants and animals.  Orchids, bromelias, palms, bushes, ferns, heliconias and others attract more than 150 species of birds, sloths, bats, caymans, iguanas, basilisks, snakes, frogs and butterflies.  Trails make a loop around natural water spring of national importance for nesting and the observation of aquatic birds. Moreover, Danaus promotes the conservation and rescue of indigenous culture Maleku who exhibit their crafts, provide information to visitors about their culture and perform their ceremonies within the Ecological Reserve.  Price $18.00 per person and $9 per kids (6 – 11 years)