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Due to the long distances between the wide arrays of activities in the area of the Arenal Volcano, we offer the service of transportation from 8 am until 5 pm for US$160 to visit these 3 suggested attractions. Entrance fees are not included as you could choose where to go to enjoy your day on your own convenience.

Asís Project Wildlife Rescue Center

You will learn about the center’s dedication to the protection of the incredible diversity of life in the Costa Rican ecosystems and the mission to save wild animals and reintroduce them into their natural habitat.   The tour includes a guided walk on trails around the site to visit all of the animals and find out where they come from. Price $29.00 per person and $17 per kids (4 – 9 years)

Fortuna Waterfall

It’s an icon of the area as well the Arenal Volcano itself., where those that have brought along swimming suits and a hearty sense of adventure can swim in the chilly water below the fall. Others can enjoy a picnic along the rocky shoreline or a round of nature photography from the lookout point on top of the canyon, where the entrance is located. From the visitor’s center it takes about 15 minutes to hike down the stair set to the waterfall. Price $11.00 per person and kids above 5 years.

Tree top suspension bridges

In front of the majestic Arenal Volcano you can admire its beauty and the wonderful forest that surrounds it, maximizing the chance to spot wildlife in their natural habitat from the canopy perspective. Price $36 per person (with guide) or $24 per person (self-guided);  $12 per kids from 6-10 years and $26 per teens (11-18 yrs.)