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Experience a complete rain forest excursion at Rainforest Adventures Costa Rica Pacific, and enjoy the most inspiring ecology tours as well as exciting activities to do in the area of Jacó-Los Sueños. The tour includes:

Tree-top flight aboard the Aerial Tram, featuring 18 gondolas that give rides escorted by a naturalist guide for a tour to the canopy and the rich ecosystem of the rain forests.

Glide over treetops for a compelling and exciting way to have a clearer view of the rainforest living the canopy zip line tour.

Defy yourself as you face up an incredible 164 feet water current running down your whole body while you try to climb a nearly vertical downstream of a waterfall. With just the help of a safety harness and a rope use your very hands and feet to reach the top completely wet to the bones.

Costa Rican Snakes exhibition in an open-air Serpentarium deep in the forest, where visitors get a close look at 20 species of snakes and reptiles and learn about the “scariest” reptiles that call Costa Rica home.

Price $118 per person and $84 kids above 12 years.