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The tour takes place on a coffee farm located 1.25 miles outside Monteverde, the coffee portion lasts two hours and involves a half kilometers walk along an easy trail offering to experience first hand the tradition of growing of coffee in Costa Rica. Besides learn about the history, cultivation, and operation of a functioning coffee mill, you might have a chance to pick coffee if plantation is in harvesting and take part in the different steps involved in coffee production. Following, in a 30 minute tour where you will not just learn about the cocoa history, but you will participate in the chocolate making process. This implies tasting cacao fruit and gain insight into the traditional method of roasting the beans, separating the husks and grinding the beans in order to finally get to taste the chocolate that you’ve helped to make and flavor! Last but not lest, there is a short 15 minute demonstration about sugar cane production. Discover historical methods of extraction and why many farmers had their own sugar cane mills. You can also participate in making sugar cane the traditional way and enjoy a glass of pure sugar cane juice. And at the end of the tour you could take a ride in a typical ox cart experiencing the ancient way of traveling in Costa Rica. Recommendations: Bring Light jacket, comfortable shoes, and sun block.

Price $30.00 per person ($35 at nite) and $ 12.00 kids above 12 years ($20 at nite).