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This Kayak-River adventure begins at the Mouth of the Rivers Nosara and Montaña. Here both rivers meet each other, and where they converge you will find a tremendous amount of natural beauty. For nature lovers and those who like to kayak, this is quite simply the best tour in Nosara.

First you paddle up the beautiful wide-open Rio Nosara.  There you have a good chance to see blue herons, ospreys, roseate spoonbills, kingfishers and a lot more of these beautiful birds. With a little bit luck, you will see along the riverside for example howler monkeys, big iguanas or maybe even a few crocodiles.

In the Montaña River you will come to a different world. You paddle your kayak trough the big 250 years old mangroves. A wonderful Experience you never will forget.  It will be a very relaxed boat ride what takes you away from all the stress and shows you a hidden paradise. Tours generally run 2 hours

What to bring: Small bags to safeguard personal belongings, sun block, shorts and bathing suit, sandals or flip flops.

Price $40 per person