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The Boat departs from Drake Bay depending on actual tidal schedule, and while cruising in the boat searching for Humpback Whales you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the coastline and pristine jade color waters of this protected area. These impressive marine mammals visit the waters of Costa Rica between mid-July to late October (Southern Humpback Whales), and again in mid-December through late March (Northern Humpback Whales) as they migrate to and from feeding and mating grounds.  You can venture the open sea where you can enjoy these mammals spectacular in their natural habitat. In this privileged area, pantropical spotted dolphins and bottled-nose dolphins also can be observed throughout the year.  Duration:   Approximately 3.5 – 4 hours

What to bring: Small bags to safeguard personal belongings, sun block, shorts, bathing suit and towel, sandals or flip flops. During the rainy months (June to November) we recommend bringing a rain coat or poncho

This trip includes transportation, guide tourist and picnic, and it’s offered for 4 people with a minimum.

Price $95,00 per person and kids older than 12 years.