From Alajuela, heading in a steady climb to its summit at 9,000 ft. above sea level, the Poás Volcano is one of the three volcanoes in the continent accessible by road, and is  considered  among  the largest  craters in  the  world.  Along  the  way,  you  will watch  the  colorful  scenery  of  the  countryside  that  includes;  coffee plantations, strawberry fields, and ornamental plant greenhouses. Once at the volcano, you will walk  through  the  only true  dwarf  cloud forest  in  the  country, brimming  with  native plant species, and marvel at the spectacular views of the smoking crater and crater lake.  After  visiting  the  volcano  continuing  to  La  Paz  Waterfall  Gardens  with  over 2.2  miles  of  walking  trails,  with  Butterfly  Observatory,  Hummingbird  Gardens, crystal  clear  river,  4  spectacular  waterfalls,  plus  Rescued  Wildlife  exhibits  in  a Rainforest  setting  with  monkeys,  toucans,  frogs,  wild  cats,  and  many  birds  and animals.   At   La   Paz   Waterfall   Gardens,   you   will   see   all   that   and   more. Recommendations:  Warm  jacket,  comfortable  shoes,  binoculars,  sun  block,  and bug spray.   Duration 6-7 hours